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Insufferable - 2%

Human666, February 7th, 2016

'Live in Bischofswerda' is probably one of the worst, unprofessional and horrible metal concerts ever caught on tape. There is absolutely nothing good about this product. I can sum up the experience of watching this horrendous tape in two parts. First, I was shocked at how much a live video could suck, and then, I couldn't stop laughing realizing how ridiculous it was.

Let's start with the vocals: what the heck is this piece of shit? 'Maniac' was barely sufferable in 'Deathcrush', but in this performance...boy, you better make sure your ear plugs are nearby! Ever watched 'Lord Of The Rings'? This is Sméagol in disguise, gurgling the lyrics with zero accentuation while vomiting. While 'Attila' had some mysterious quality and unique approach, 'Maniac' just spit out the lyrics with the poorest diction possible and sounds utterly pathetic.

Besides that, the whole production of this video is way too amateurish. The drumming is utterly flat. The recording quality is so cheap that the never ending blast beats sounds like a popcorn exploding in a microwave. You can barely distinguish between the cymbals or snare, everything just sounds the same and will make you want to hit the stop button as soon as possible. Bass guitar? Forget about it, utterly inaudible. Except for the parts when you'll hear some random farts in the background: these are actually the remnants of the bass that somehow managed to leak into the final mix. What about the guitar's sound? Well, don't expect much as well. The guitar's tone is so vague and way too castrated so even crushing riffs such as in 'Deathcrush' or 'Funeral Fog' sounds most of the time like random hovering white noise.

Moreover, besides 'Maniac' which struggles desperately to actually create some sort of performance, the whole show looks like an anemic exhibition of static puppets. 'Blasphemer' and 'Necrobutcher' have no charisma at all and are simply boring to watch. The hung pig heads on the stage just makes this whole concert looks more awkward than it is and the random slow motion camera shots are just pathetic.

Just ignore this release, it doesn't make justice for any of the original recordings. If you do wish to experience one of the most pathetic, bad recorded performances ever made, you can probably find this concert in YouTube and laugh a bit. Definitely don't waste a penny for this crap.