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Mayhem's awesome, but this is a $$ grab - 30%

The_Ghoul, September 8th, 2008

Many will consider the GDoW period as Mayhem's weakest period, where they almost lost who they were and got caught up in a sea of pretentiousness. While I don't entirely agree with that, because I don't think GDoW is that bad, nor do I believe that WLA or Chimera were bad at all, this certainly shows the artistic decay of a once great band.

First off, every Mayhem fan, whether he/she enjoys GDoW, should already have it. Mayhem release albums about as fast as old people fuck, so whenever a new album comes out, it's already in my CD rack. Secondly, the European/US Legions live CD's plain sucked. The songs were poorly chosen (do we really need the 1000th version of Freezing Moon? Do we really need the 13467548329075 version of Pure Fucking Armaggeddon? Do we really need to fill up a live CD with material almost solely from 1987 or 1986?) and the production, which all but muted the bass and took all the power out of the drums and guitars, was quite lacking. Plus, the fact that they released the SAME FUCKING CD (except for one measly song) twice, pretty much condemns this to the bargain rack. True Mayhem fans would've gotten Live In Marseilles, which, although it shared the same shit production, had a broader set list, with songs from DMDS as well as WLA, GDoW, and Deathcrush.

However, let's set those two arguments aside. Both the constituents of this box set have been released in ample quantities before, and I'm sure there's not a dearth of people familiar with the material from the Legions CD's. For a box set to be really worth anything, there needs to be something new. It doesn't have to be anything big, really, it could just be a kickass poster and some memorabilia or knick knack signed by Blasphemer, or some previously unreleased live material, or hell, one of the better quality bootlegs from the Dead-era. But at least SOMETHING should be new. This is just a repackaging of already released material that every Mayhem fan worth his grit should've already had. It's a cash grab, nothing more, and it degrades the Mayhem name every time they put out something like this, because there is no other reason for this to exist.

Whether or not the constituting material is pointless or not is irrelevant. European Legions could be auditory orgasms that make the listener shit bricks of gold every time he puts it in the CD player, and GDoW could be the next DMDS, but that still doesn't change the fact that this is the same old shit, just repackaged. All the fact that European Legions sucks does is lower the score that much more. Mayhem is awesome, but this is really just a cash grab.