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Unfortunate - 50%

SunGodPortal, December 21st, 2006

I'm giving this a 50 because even though it's the only studio shit Mayhem did with Dead, once the music gets fast (much of it is fast) all you can hear are the drums and vocals. The drums aren't mixed or mic-ed worth shit and they have way to much reverb. They basically push all of the other instruments out of the mix. It sounds like it was recorded in 20 minutes. No shit. It's awful. On a lighter note, it's wonderful to hear Dead sounding so clean. He doesn't exactly have a sound that's totally of his own, but there's something about his voice that sounds unique to him alone. It's like a black metal vomit, but with a sort of whispering feel and enough conviction to choke a horse. These two songs are a piece of black metal history, but it's kind of sad to listen to. I love Attila, but I would kill to hear Dead sing on "De Mysteriis..." That wouldn't make any difference though. In his own words he and what could have been are eternally "buried by time and dust..."