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Best Dead performance I ever heard. - 82%

Estigia666, June 21st, 2003

And considering that I'm not much of a fan of Dead's wailing and screaming as much as I adore Attila Csihar's sick and original singing. Interpretation wise (everything but the vocals): this doesn't sound far away from DMDS, specially Pagan Fears which sounds VERY similar to it's final version. The Freezing Moon, however, sounds more "natural" without the excessive reverb on the drums, more aggressive, IMO.

Besides this, the only recordings I heard featuring Dead are Live in Leipzig and a few rehearsals I downloaded from the net a long time ago. These two songs feature the vocalist at his best: sick, furious, dark, evil sounding. For a lack of better comparison, a much more perverted sounding Nocturno Culto.

If you ever wondered the reason of Dead's myth, you should listen to this. Hell, he even surpasses Attila, which is not an easy task. De Mysteriis would have sounded much more killer if all the songs came from this sessions.