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Expanding the morbid vision - 100%

Jarnroth, January 12th, 2009

It all happened sometime in 1988, when Euronymous recruited our beloved Dead from the local death metal scene in Stockholm, Sweden to join up in his band to create a new brand of extreme metal, to define what the future of extreme metal was to be, to bring forth all the morbid aesthetics created by their mentors in Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer to it's full fruition and summon the great beast of Black Metal from the dark fiery abyss of the six hundered and sixty six layers of hell.
It was all well calculated, and nothing juvenile. This was serious fucking business, and on the way they brought a few other comrades in the saturated and silly norwegian death/thrash metal scene with them to assist them in this task, and what we got was different blends and definitions of how it all could work out, to varying results. But, of course, Euronymous being the mastermind behind it all, knew that his own band Mayhem would maim everything in his way as he started to conjur up the material for their debut album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, an album concerned on the secret rites of a rumoured book only existing in one copy where all evil and satanic rituals was printed, probably by Satan himself!

At the time that the ideas were developing in their dark subconscious, Dead decided to pass on to another bleak dimension of death, but not to the surprise of his friends who had seen this coming for a while. But because this things came to a halt for a while. Where could they find another vocalist with a great, if not greater, artistic vision? Where could another morbid mind hide itself? Why, if not in the land of the once great Kingdom of Hungary! The land of Elizabeth Bathory, the Carpathian Mountains, ancient castle ruins and bloody battles of the past, and perhaps the thing of of major relevance - once the country to which Transylvania belonged! Here recided another man who had been developing his own ideas under the monicker of Tormentor, and with the at release cult-classic demo "Anno Domini", basically a raw thrash metal album with black metal undertones, a great record which wouldn't pass the ever seeing eye of Euronymous, here is where Attila Csihar lived, and it didn't took long for Euronymous to get him to join him in his quest for eternal devastation and destruction of all that is moral and aesthetical pleasing! But I'll digress, and now go forward about what this album is all about.

Those who believe they get this album at the first listen don't really know anything, those who feel a spark of inspiration and witness some sort of dark behind what you initially hear with this album are going along the right track, and then there are those like me who didn't hear anything special the first time arround, nor second... But, within our feeble minds and our hidden dark subconscious, some mysterious things was happening, the seed which had been planted slowly grew to infest our heads with all this morbid, weird tales, the haunting landscapes pictured in the simple, yet effective, lyrics created by our beloved Dead, the morbid - everything about this era Mayhem is morbid! - guitar tone, with it's raw, sharp, melodic ring, like the chime of a bell of doom, conjuring necrotic neurotic psychosis within the minds of posers, bringing forth evil tidings of a world approaching Armageddon! I could go on forever about the major importance of Euronymous performance, but it's outstanding and unmatched to say the least. But let's not forget the drums, ever pounding forward, rolling on like a beast hunting for it's prey. And then we have the thing which bring this all together, evil gestalt of Attila, the one who was bringing this shared aesthetical vision to the epitome of what could be created at the time - moaning, singing, croaking, growling and rasping forth the message of total true Mayhem to mankind, sometimes in a morose droning fashion only to suddenly cramp out a scowl that shills the marrow. Total necro! All in all a unique performance of vocals, only to be touched upon by a select few since that are cutting close in their own personal expressions. Bundled up together these key points make up a record which could reveal the mysteries of our Lord Satan to those who are strong enough of will and soul, evil enough at the deepest corners of their inner cores, blessed with a inner self of putried morbidity, to grow and bring menace upon this world of hypocrisy!

Throughout the history of contemporary music, there are only a few records which manage with this task, to create an album which may grow within you, and which can lead to different interpretations every time when you listen to it, accomplished by layinger the music with a fuzz and ideas that might appeal to you in different manners each and every time, that invite you to be a part of the creative ritual, making the music you listen to not only a piece of music which you approach and witness, but where you yourself are one within the process of it all, emphasizing and arranging bits with your own emotional organs as your soul become embraced by the sound. Be ware, or it may consume you! But once again, I'll digress, and move toward the end with this review.

This was the album that defined it all, what black metal was all about. Some may say Darkthrone did, but Darkthrone did never understand anything about black metal, they were mere kids playing the game, not knowing what it was all about, puppets in the hand of Euronymous! This is what inspired people worldwide to bring the morbid art of black metal onward to something great, Greater, to deliver us from this mundande world to one full of peril and morbid sickness.

This is a dark piece of art yet unmatched in it's brave vision of how to shape your own destiny, to go into the dark subconscious and bring forth your most morbid thoughts and put an end to life as we know it, to broaden the horizons, to find a new insight of your own visions and dreams and bring forth a new expression within something which is already limited by it's own definition.

This is the dark legacy of Euronymous and Dead, a testimony of the morbid visions conjured by the black emperors of the sepulchral past. Here, gentlemen and zombies alike, we have perfection.
Don't forget... When it's cold, and when it's dark, the freezing moon may obsess you!