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Last will and testament - 90%

DaBuddha, November 4th, 2006

Mayhem are arguably the most prolific Norwegian BM band in history. We all know their stories of murder, arson, suicides etc. Can they live up to the hype with the music, the thing that counts the most? We will see...

Well, here it is. The album that was 5 years in the making and delayed because of various reasons. When you first listen to this you will feel the cold coming through your speakers and the pure aggression of the riffs and drums. Euronymous was no slouch when it came to creating riffs that were from the depths of hell and songs like Freezing Moon and the title track are just that. Basically, when you listen to this album, you will understand where the band was coming from when writing and recording it. It really is something that not only the band, but Euronymous himself can be proud of and I'm sure they are. At the same time though, listening to this is emotional, due to the murder of Euronymous by Cunt Grishnack (yes I said it.) I have no love for Varg and he should be tortured to death for what he did. Ok, enough of that, back to the music.

The drums are at times insanely fast and other times are mid paced and full of intricate little fills, although Hellhammer is ten times better now than he was back when this was recorded. The vocals are actually my second favorite part of this record, next to the riffs, due to Attila's wonderful performance. We all have our favorite Mayhem vocalist: Dead, Maniac or Attila. I love Dead but Attila is just so much more versatile. He can scream but he also adds so much depth to the songs vocal wise with his weird, almost chant like vocal assault. He even adds some very eerie operatic singing to the title track.

The bass is, despite the story, still in tact and mixed in very well. During songs like Life Eternal the bass is doing a very cool little part that is damn catchy. Varg did a good job. Having listened to so much old Mayhem, at times I forget it's Varg and think Necrobutcher is doing the bass. Either way it still sounds great.

When it is all said and done, this album is a very fitting testament to the enduring legacy of Euronymous, arguably the godfather of Norwegian BM. I know Euronymous is proud of this record and its lasting impact on the scene today. Hell, even Varg has said this is the one BM album he would take with him to a deserted island so it is obviously a classic slab of BM infamy. In closing, well there is only one thing I can say...