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Wolf's Lair Abyss meets De Mysteriis - 95%

HeadMonkeyB, July 29th, 2004

As the title says, I think this album is a combination of Wolf's Lair Abyss and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. It has all the brutality and speed of WLA while maintaining the dark sound of DMDS. A lot of people hate Maniac's vocals, but I think he has always done a great job, especially on this particular album. He has a more distinct voice and his vocals give a darker feel to the music than the previous albums he did.

Blasphemer kicks ass also. Some parts of this album are just so goddamn technical that I don't know how these fuckers can remember all of this stuff! Like on "Dark night of the soul", it starts out kind of slow and haunting, but then it becomes extremely brutal and technical towards the end. Mayhem has become a band that has avoided being one-dimensional unlike many black metal bands today. IE: Darkthrone.

This album is not predictable at all and one can listen to it over and over. For the people who say that this isn't the true Mayhem, then what is? Even old Mayhem metamorphosized from being death metal to black metal: Deathcrush and De Mysteriis. Blasphemer is the guitarist Euronymous could never be, I must say. Rude, but true.