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This band lives up to their awesome name. - 75%

Zodijackyl, March 6th, 2012

There's a Sodom cover, there's a Venom cover, and there are three original songs that I'd believe if you told me were rough cuts from either of those bands. Maximum Oversatan put a more extreme edge on the spirit of these bands - they sound furious, hell bent on making extreme heavy metal at reasonably high speeds. The fierce feel of the music is more like that of the bands who paid tribute to Venom and Sodom in the late 80s, with huge sounding drums and dirty guitars and vocals mixed together quite roughly.

It took a while to get used to the drums being so loud and booming in the mix, though they seem to calm down a bit on the later tracks. The sound of everything is pretty much perfect for the band on the title track, where Satanic speed metal meets Motorhead's rock and roll - the drums get a bit faster, the vocals are coherent and crunchy, and the band fully lives up to its name. It's rough, rockin', and has just enough of an extreme metal tinge to make it really appealing to fans of the retro blackish speed metal type stuff. All of the recordings are first takes, so it's sufficiently rough without being sloppy, nothing at all is polished.

It's easy to describe the band simply - they're called "Maximum Oversatan", there's a Venom cover, a Sodom cover, and the songs in between... and they're good.