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A delightful if not perplexing song - 96%

sperma_draconis, February 7th, 2006

I received this 3inch cdr from Tobias Driver himself just before the band broke up. I was contemplating buying my first record from them and Toby offered this to me as a sample.

The single song on this cd is designed to be the connection between Bath and Leaving Your Body Map. The music, sounds, and slip artwork all serve as a key that somehow unlocks the mystery of the two albums. How it does that I do not know, but it rocks my world nonetheless!

The single song has little singing on it, the vocals are faint and designed to be like a puzzle of chanting. The song undulates with flowing keys crweating a spiritual sound. It is lead by a high and delightful guitar melody that sets some structure to the piece's otherworldly sound. Like a jam song it opens with a few bars of guitar melody and some of the chanting singing. Then it suddenly plunges into a deep ocean of etheral rhythmic ambient led by a powerful bassline. It feels like you are riding on a steam of projected self into a nebulous dawn of stardust etc... and it keeps a very upbeat sound to it. then it follows the bassline into some very jazzy beakdowns, more jazzy than usual MOTW. The whole song is over in about 6 minutes. Leaving you gasping for more.

To me, it is another wonderful work by Toby and crew. It is a song only they would have written, yet it stands out from most of their other compositions as a unique jazzy exploration. The closest MOTW/KD song that I say it resembles in atmosphere is "Gleam in Ranks". However, it is far more etheral and happy in tone. If you are familiar with Kayo Dot's material, this here is far more lively and jumpy than what you have heard. If you can find this cdr, get it right away!! Sadly, I am a total dumbshit and I actually LOST the damn one I own!!!! What a loser I am!!
Still, I will never forget the tune of that joyous little song...