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A Masterpiece Among Masterpieces - 100%

elfo19, June 14th, 2009

Maudlin of the Well is one of those bands that I always heard about and was really intrigued to listen to but could never get a hold of because all their stuff is out of print. When I heard that this new album was available free for download on their website I jumped to the occasion.

The album is stunning to say the least. The best way to describe it is as a musical orgasm. It's passionate, but intense, and always excellent. Venturing beyond the avant-garde metal they are known for releasing in the past, "Part the Second" is much more. It maintains a steady level of "experimentation" to fulfill the avant-garde but ventures into numerous other territories. It includes a wide array of instrumentation, weaving in and out of itself to create a spectacular soundscape.

There isn't a weak spot on the disc, and the fact that the band released it free for download is incredible. The fact that is FREE also gives you a reason to go download it and listen, even if you don't think you'll like it. A metalhead might from someone's description of an album with little metal, which is filled classical setting instrumentation in an avant-garde setting, disregard the album. I can't blame them! Why buy something you don't think you'll like? You don't have to! No one can turn down free music, and the fact that it's incredible is just an added bonus.

Maudlin of the Well's newest release may not be accesible for everyone musically, but it is a magnificent masterpiece of an album. The music escapes from the common labelings and classifications of modern music and instead rests nicely in the category of the indescribable. Recommended for anyone.