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Definitely something unique about this band - 86%

IcemanJ256, December 26th, 2004

I held off for a while on getting into this band because I thought they were silly. But that was a silly thing to do. They are a very creative bunch and their music on this album is extremely unique. The closest thing I can think of when I listen to this is Devin Townsend’s ocean machine, which is still much different from this. This album contains male vocals (clean and growling), crisp clear female vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and even clarinet and trumpet. Its production is definitely on the low end, but that adds a certain eccentric, nostalgic feeling. Bad production is part of the album, it adds to the overall feeling and atmosphere. I’m sure better production would sound, well, better, but it’s not horrible like this. Their growling vocals aren’t too great either, but they are actually quite sparse. When I first got this album, the things I was hearing sounded like I’ve had it for a long time, which was very odd, and never really happened with anything else. It wasn’t like “oh, I’ve heard this before, it sounds exactly like this other bands song” – no, not like that. This was weird. It was kind of like I’ve had the album for many years and it was bringing back memories, or I knew it would be a classic in my collection someday. We’ll see about that. I’ve only had it for about 3 months so far. And this is my first MotW album (don’t have Kayo Dot either), so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I will probably scoop up the rest of their discography pretty soon.

Anyways, on to the music... They certainly have the strangest song titles I’ve ever seen.
“Ferocious Weights” starts off calmly, eventually adding trumpets and then female vocals, the vocals are nice and smooth and soaring. Then the clean male vocals come, and shortly after that the song starts going crazy fast and all over the place. Then it suddenly gets very calm with some female vocals which is a good part. The clean guitar part just has that unique feeling on this album. The last part is a little heavier and closes the first song well. This is probably my second favorite song. “A Conception Pathetic” starts off with some psychotic growling for a while, later having some more unforgettable clean guitar parts, and keeps going back and forth. The melody at the end of this is almost evil-carnival sounding. “Undine and Underwater Flowers” starts off slow with awesome melodies and very soft, flimsy male singing. Then when this song gains more of a full sound, it is very strange, almost painting an alien landscape in my head with lovers swimming underwater gathering flowers on another planet. I promise I don’t do any drugs, this band probably does though. “The Ocean, the Kingdom, and the Temptation” starts off calmly once again with an atmospheric feeling and then later has some heavier growling parts. This song is the longest and the last 3 minutes or so is an ambient experimentation. The first 2 minutes of “Pondering a Wall” is pretty heavy, and then it goes into some softer parts with female vocals, then it gets heavier with female vocals... “Catharsis of Sea Sleep and Dreaming Shrines” is my favorite song here. The clean guitar parts are just amazing, with calm growling (yes) on top it... I am really having a hard time explaining this music well, it is just too weird. You really have to hear it. “Blight of River Systems” is more of a laid-back song containing a duet at the end, and a very good solo. Probably my third favorite.

Well, if you think you’d like Astral-progressive-Avant-garde-experimental Metal with Trumpets, this is what you’re looking for, although it is definitely an acquired taste, not nearly everyone is going to like this.