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Simply amazing - 100%

xx3kage3xx, April 13th, 2012

Maudlin of the Well is one incredibly unique band. They include everything a metal lover could want in their music, with music genres from death metal to jazz to prog. Out of their four albums I've listened to, "Bath" is their best work. Unfortunately, they aren't together or they're just on indefinite hiatus. Either way it sucks because MotW is an amazing band who I'd love to see more albums from.

Anyway, "Bath" starts off with the song "The Blue Ghost/ Shedding Qliphoth". Goddamn is this song calm. There's a nice subtle touch of jazz throughout the song. The song fades out, then when you think it's over, gets extremely loud and aggressive. Next, we have "They Aren't All Beautiful". Death metal and jazz fans will enjoy this song. The song starts up as straight up death, but slowly transitions into more of a jazz sound, then back into death near the end. "Heaven and Weak" is third song on "Bath". This song is fucking twisted and is yet another slow starting song that progressively gets heavier. Fourth comes "Interlude One". This song is a short instrumental with an eerie wah'd sound affect from the guitar along with acoustics and a stand- up bass (at least that's what it sounds like, but I'm not to sure if it's a stand up. Oh well.)

Fifth is the infamous song named "The Ferryman". The song starts off with a dirge for the first 40 seconds, then goes into a drum opening on cymbals. Yet again another slow begin. It then progresses into a slow death song and speeds up. Next is "Marid's Gift of Art"
which begins with water being splashed around in a bath tub? Very different. This is a nice little song with a nice acoustic melody with clean vocals with a trumpet softly playing in the background, a cello, and the stand-up bass. Now we have what is in my opinion the best song on the album, "Girl With A Watering Can". It starts out with a clarinet opening, then goes into the clean, amazing voice of the female singer and a nice soothing guitar riff. Then halfway through it changes to the clean vocals of the male singer. The song then has a short break, then gets heavier and transitions into a fucking amazing guitar solo.

"Birth Pains of Astral Projection" is the eighth song on "Bath". This song has some weird-ass guitar riffs, honestly. In fact, this whole song is weird. Another progressive death-styled song for you to enjoy. The ninth is "Interlude 2". Yay, another song with splashing water that matches how the stand-up bass is going with a nice little easy guitar riff and the slight playing of piano. Finally we have "Geography", a soft, slow song with amazing clean vocals.

I can go on forever about how amazing this album is, but then you wouldn't be able to hear this masterpiece. Please do yourself a favor, if you ever find this album, buy it. Money well spent. Also go buy any of their other albums because they're just as amazing. Bands like this come along once in a lifetime and I'm glad I've found this band. You'll be, too.