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Maudlin of the Well - Bath - 80%

mentalselfmutilation, June 23rd, 2006

Maudlin of the Well can be defined as an "aquired taste" playing what is commonly referred to as "Avant Gardge Progressive Jazz Metal" and many listeners in the metal community at a first look may see this band's work as very diverse and hard to digest. If you're looking for your typical slayer, iron maiden, or testament album this is the last place to look. Maudlin of the Well's sound is a very unique arrangement of melodic death metal and progressive acoustic compositions.

Maudlin of the Well's sophmore disc "Bath" is an album that compliments their third and final album "Leaving Your Body Map" and of the two happens to be a much more melodic and tranquil album. Beginning with pieces like "The Blue Ghost - Shedding Qliphoth" enlightening the listener to a melodic almost jazzy piece, which builds up into a chaotic near death metal sound. This band truely goes all across the spectrum with this album, building up then dropping back into a progressive and thought provoking acoustic melodies.

Though while the compositions are interesting and thought provoking, and truely some of the most innovative material to surface among the heavy metal community in many years, there are also some flaws. Some of the songs tend to become quite repetitive and redunant before they hit the usual 8 minute mark. Listening to the album can be a challenge in itself without getting bored with some of the more melodic passages which some could say almost compete with some of opeth's works when it comes to long and redundant melodic passages.

Though in spite of some of the negatives with this release Maudlin of the Well's "Bath" album is truely one that I would recommend if you're interested in something new and unique, while keeping in touch with some very heavy elements. It's a very progressive album which envelopes into a very memorable sound and listening experience. Even if you dislike the band, it's still worth listening to and experiencing once.

Mentalselfmutilation - 8/10