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True Progressive at it's best! - 92%

PsyKoCracker, January 25th, 2003

Maudlin of the Well (furthermore referred to as MotW) have made their place as one of the best Progressive Metal groups out there, and this CD is a perfect showcase.

First I will explain. This CD, Bath, is the first part of 2 CDs which are meant to be listened to together. The second part is "Leaving your Body Map" The odd thing is, they did not sell these as a double disc, but they were released together... MotW has stated that there is some sort of secret message in the album that is made by a certain pattern they follow in their songs. I haven't figured it out, nor know anyone who has.

MotW are a band that are all over the place. You will never be able to guess what will happen in a song next... Out of nowhere in the most relaxing part of a song, they can go into a loud and doomy part, and vice versa.

The album starts off with a nice relaxing intro, and goes into the first real track of the album, "They aren't all Beautiful" which is a very dark and doomy song. Next in line is "Heaven and the Weak." This song is a perfect showcase of MotW's style. It bounces back and forth from doomy, to clean, to relaxing, and back again. The rest of this album continues back and forth through the many different emotions MotW puts forth.

The most notable track on the album is "Birth Pains of Astral Projection"

This song is one of, if not THE best song I have ever heard... and that is up there with Dream Theater "A Change of Seasons" and Edge of Sanity's "Crimson"

Birth Pains features a very relaxing intro, fading into a great doomy part, which goes into a nice clean part, and an incredible solo. this song is basically everything you'd ever want in a song in just one package!

I CANT give a review without having at least a couple negative things about a CD...

One thing I didn't like about this CD is that they had a LOT of time wasted by effects (such as the 2 or so minutes of water splashing at the end of "The Sign of Four" and the beginning of "The Ferryman") and the final track "Geagraphy" has a lot of silence at the end. This was intentionally done to make both "Bath" and "Leaving your Body Map" the same exact length, so I guess it's alright.

Also the Vocals were only above average, everything else is about as good as it gets though.

I highly suggest getting this album, especially if you are a fan of true prog. It will not disappoint.