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I really enjoyed this bath - 95%

K1ngD77m7nd, August 31st, 2011

I was, as always, searching for some new interesting music to listen to. With the common metal bands I really have the feeling that I’ve pretty much heard everything. The structure of most metal songs are pretty much the same and the atmosphere of their songs are all sort of similar to each other. So I’m always searching for some progressive and/or experimental music. And so I found this band, Maudlin of the well.

So I was looking at their album list and somehow the album “Bath” really got my attention. I played the very first song named: “The blue ghost/shedding Qliphoth”. And I can say this is pretty much the best intro song for a prog band ever made. It has a masterful structure and the atmosphere is really… vague. The song builds up to this peak, and that was the first time that I came while listening to this album.

The rest of the songs on this album are all different from each other, sure there are some similarities such as very abrupt style changes (from jazz to death metal in the ferryman) but most of it is really different. They really have used a lot of different music genre’s in this album and all of those genre’s flow really smoothly through each other. And that’s what I’m looking for in a band, music that has its own sound and technique but still every song is different from each other. And I think this is what Maudlin of the well has done very well in this album.

Then I have to make another compliment, about the singers: Jason Bryon and Maria-Stella Fountoulakis. The problem with very much bands is their vocals, the singer can grunt and/or growl pretty good but they can’t sing clean for shit. Luckily for us there is Maudlin of the well. Both singers in this band really can sing. Jason’s voice has a very wide horizon: He can sing very soft and spacey like in “heaven and weak” but if you listen to songs like “they aren’t all beautiful” and “the ferryman” you can hear his incredible deep and controlled grunts/growls. And when you listen to the song “The ferryman” you can hear the voice of Maria-Stella for the first time on the album. Her voice is really clean and beautiful, but her voice also has some kind of spookyish tone in it, and that just really fits the music.

So to summarize:
For all of those who really enjoy progressive music, this is an album that you MUST listen to. It’s like eating a big pizza on a sunny day. The first song is just like opening the paper box of your pizza, really magical. Then the second song is your very first bite in the pizza, you think DAMN that’s hot but it tastes very good. The third and fourth song is like getting some drink by your pizza, a kind of relaxing moment. Then the ferrymen comes and takes you away on this really vague but beautiful quest. So you travel with him through time and space on his ferry boat. You get to know this awesome lady with a watering can. But then your remember you have a pizza at home that’s getting cold. The eight song of the album and the following interlude are your way back to earth. And when you are back with both feet on the ground you finish your pizza and thinks: Damn I’m still hungry, I’ll order another one.

One point of criticism: I really HATE the artwork, I think I doesn’t fit the music at all.
But all in all… I really enjoyed this bath.