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Yes. I likes this. - 93%

ReapingTalons, September 25th, 2003

Where did these guys come from? Remission is Mastodon’s first full-length album, and it instantly made them one of my favorite bands ever. Their style, which mixes death metal with some stoner, grind, grunge, and even a little jazz, is totally original and completely unprecedented.

Remission is filled with some super-fast and thrashy numbers (namely “Crusher Destroyer”), but at the same time, it isn’t lacking in slower, more acoustic “ballads” (“Elephant Man,” and it’s not a ballad, but it’s slower and softer than anything else on the album).

What I’d really like to point out about Remission is the absolutely amazing drumming. Brann Dailor is a veteran to the metal drumming scene and it really shows here, with seemingly sporadic but masterfully placed rolls and sharp accents. Mr. Dailor doesn’t do much cymbal work (or it’s not prevalent in the mix), but he’s a veritable wizard on the double kick and snare. The rest of the band’s members have substantial talent and they do their job, but they’re nowhere near as astounding as the drummer. The vocals sound more grind than death, and it can get grating, but it fits. (They’re the reason I took off one point.)

Another notable thing about Remission is the production. It’s raw and organic, making for a rough sound while still being very crisp and retaining the audibility of each instrument.

Overall, I’d say this is one of the best albums of 2002, and any fan of great drumming or something different in metal should definitely seek this one out. It’s a sublime experience.