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Since when did metal contain sleeping pills? - 40%

IWP, June 19th, 2008

Mastodon have to be one of the most boring bands I've ever listened to, and this album is clear cut example why. They blend groove and post-thrash riffs with a progressive sense so this album is kind of primitive, and I'll give em that for being original. However, blending genericly boring grooves and screaming/shouting vocals with progressive metal structures isn't exactly the best idea since the outcome will most likely bore the fuck out of you.

Not only that, but there's hardly any decent riffs on this album, and all of the so called riffs on this album sound pretty much the same. Infact, the only decent riffs are on the first song on this album, and that isn't saying all that much. The drummer is talented no doubt, but he chooses technical skills over songwriting. Nothing he does sounds interesting, and as hells unicorn said, he doesn't keep a steady beat which is the main problem that this drummer has. Overall, this band just sounds so boring.

About the only two songs that stand out at all on this album are the first two songs, Crusher Destoryer and March of the Fire Ants. The formal is easily the best song on the album, and while it's only tow minutes long, it contains one good ass riff that carries the song through. It's simple, but oddly enough, it works. The latter is kind of average, it's alright, especially compared to the rest of the album.

As for the rest of this album? Be prepared to take some Nyquil and grab a pillow, because you will most likely be bored to death with some of the most boring songs that you will ever hear. There is nothing interesting here, the groovy chugging "riffs" are boring and generic, and the drummer just goes on random wankery sessions, and while there are solos on this album, none of them save this album from the boredom that you shall experience. To top it all of, the vocalist can be pretty damn annoying at times. All he does is scream and shout throughout the entire album so he really doesn't help things at all.

I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It's not metalcore nor is it nu-metal or mallcore, but it still manages to be a pretty shitty album. It's not horrible or anyhting, I've heard worse, but this album just screams boredom. Eh, at least Mastodon would improve on their next album. Avoid this album, unless you're into genericly boring groove metal mixed with random and noisy drumming, or if you want a good night sleep. =P