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This is only for the diehards. - 25%

Dark_Angel_Justin, July 17th, 2011

I found Mastodons' Live At The Aragon (CD version) to be very subpar. Anyone looking to be wowed will surely be disappointed.

They played the entire Crack The Skye album, but the sound quality is so bad that your better off listening to the studio album instead. The other tracks don't really build confidence in the abum either. If you were hoping to hear songs like "Blood And Thunder", "Iron Tusk", or March Of The Fire Ants", then don't look here.

As I listened to the cd I found that the songs tended to blend into one. First I was on track 1, then when I looked again I was on track 4, but it didn't really sound any different. I didn't even notice different songs were playing.

This cd is not a very good product by Mastodon. If your going to record a live album, then you should take the time to do it right. Make sure it's the right show, the right venue. Put some time into the set list so you can give the fans one hell of a live album. This was just some throw away show that got recorded and slapped onto a disc and put out.

You should only get it if your a diehard Mastodon fan. If your not a diehard.....then wait for a better live album.