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Half Gay, Half Cool - 60%

Satanic_Shoe, February 3rd, 2009

I've been a long-time Mastodon fan. I started off with Blood Mountain, which was my favorite release of theirs up until a while ago. Then I started to think of it more as their worst release, with Remission and Leviathan being far superior, Blood Mountain being the ultimate sell-out album for them. I still hold true to that opinion. Now, when talk surfaced of their new album, I became interested and found a link to their newest single (metal bands should NOT release singles, the biggest hint at selling-out), "Divinations".

"Divinations" is one of the shortest tracks on Mastodon's upcoming album, and I greeted it with some very mixed reactions, but I'm not jumping to any conclusions about the new album based on this song. The song starts with a pretty cool intro before falling into the dreaded verse-chorus song structure (oy-vey). The entire song is clean sung, which isn't really a bad thing during the verses, Brent Hinds taking up all vocal duties on the song. However, the chorus is sung in a very... "gay" (for lack of a better word), pop-song manner, which, unfortunately, kills the song. Two verses and two choruses in, the song transitions to a very odd mix of lead and rhythm guitar that's really quite interesting and keeps the listener from hating the song (up to this point) entirely. Then there's another half-boring verse and another gay chorus and the song is done.

All in all, not TOO bad. It's mixed well and is fairly good in the instrumental area; but it shows the band moving further in the wrong, watered-down mainstream-appealing direction. However, this release may not be entirely indicative of what to expect on the upcoming full-length, so don't get your hopes too down.