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Defining album of the decade - 98%

SuurSmurffi, September 6th, 2006

With this album, I think Mastodon has become one of my favorite bands ever. They just keep getting better and better by each album. Remission kicked ass, I fell in love with Leviathan and now Blood Mountain blew me away.

I remember the first time I heard the first riff of the first song in Leviathan, I Am Ahab. At that very second I knew I was going to love this. I had the exact same feeling when I heard the drum intro in the the first song of Blood Mountain, The Wolf is Loose. And I was certainly not let down.

Mastodon just keeps expanding it's horizons. The albums keep getting more technical, but the band doesen't loose the point of the show anywhere along the way. The vision is strong and even with all the trippy breakdowns and complex flowing songs, the album keeps everything together. And it never forgets to groove! There are some fucking awesome riffs on this album. I don't think there is even one bad or even mediocre riff on this album. Each and every one of the riffs are needed and in their right place. I don't think I've felt something like this after Dark Angel's - Darkness Descends.

I've heard some bad words about the vocals, and they sure are a bit different than in Leviathan and Remission. But after a few spins of the cd, you just forget about it and realize how well they fit the more evolved sound. And it's not really a radical change at all. This is still 100% Mastodon up your ass.

What more can I say? I guess the only con on this album is that the ending song, Pendelous Skin, isn't as good as an ender as Joseph Merrick is in Leviathan. But the opening riff of Circle Cysquatch more than makes up for this, as I think this is probably in the top5 of "The Most Badass Riffs Ever"

I know my review just sounds like full of hype and I bet everyone of you are thinking "it can't be that good" Well, it just is. When all the old timers these days say "Oh, remember when we smoked pot and listened to Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd just kicks ass" Well, when I'm old I'm gonna remember the times I listened to Mastodon.

The wolf is truly loose.