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Perfect single from a probably perfect album - 95%

TK95, September 11th, 2011

As the intro riff started playing my head just started banging on it's own. That single riff is better than many actual songs. Catchy, omnious and epic, that is the perfect riff. After the cool and a bit weird verse of the song the chorus strikes in with the intro riff and the amazing "You kill the light..." vocal part. At this point I know that the upcoming album will be worth the wait.

So, the guitar playing is just perfect, what about the vocals? This is one of the best vocal performances of Mastodon's career. Singing coud be described to be calm and urgent at the same time, with some strange but fitting vocal effects. From verses to the amazing chorus, everything is great, fused with the instrumental background this is one of my favorite Mastodon songs.

Every Mastodon fan knows that the drummer, Brann Dailor, is the essence of the band. And the drumming is pretty damn sweet. I couldn't even imagine that you could play drums like that. All the rhytms are complex but still really cool and the fills are, like always, Brann's greatest strength. And, for everyone who asks, there's no such thing as "too much filling".

I took 5% of the rating because of the simple fact that this song is too short. You could listen to this for two hours without a stop. Three and half minutes is just too short. Still, in my opinion, this is the best of the singles released so far, Can't wait for the album.