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Try Again... - 64%

bentolas, September 20th, 2013

On football language it's normal to say "winning team, no changes". Well, Masterplan always were a winning "team", nevertheless the last couple of years were kinda afflicted and we have many hires for this new record. First of all, with Jørn Lande leaving, a dark nebulous fog fell over the band. Rick Altzi would fill the vocal throne a few months later, stopping with the murmur that was created. But the changes were not just in the mike, Jari Kainulainen on bass and Martin Skaroupka on drums compete the new line-up.

Masterplan tell us what they have for us with the title of the album. "Nova Initium" is, in fact, a new beggining, a band trying to find a new path during fifty minutes and some teardrops. We don't have any "Kind Hearted Light" or "Watching the World" here, its changing time and changing is made on safe mode, in a "plastic" way, with the usual cheesy chorus (power metal ones) and a shocking lack of feeling ("Pray on my Soul" or "Through Your Eyes").

Even so, there is lots of interest points in here, songs "Betrayal", "The Game" or "Black Night of Magic" shows Rick Altzi as someone that wants to "come, see and conquer" and he reach some moments of brilliance during the record. We almost forget about Lande. Roland Grapow is on top too! The guitar players was kinda disappeared on the last records, but here he returns to his best, with great solos and some liberty on the guitar, something that was missing on "Time to be King", for instance, and this is probably the most positive thing on this album.

"Nova Initium" joins to Masterplan's discography as transition point. It is not a proud reason on the repertoire of the germans, but is a step that was to be taken and, after all, makes sense. Now fans have to wait for the next record, because just the future will tell if this was indeed a new "initium" or the beggining of the end.

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