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Just another commercial, vacuous AFM Records CD. - 55%

Corimngul, December 22nd, 2004

Sell-out, sell-out, sell-out… Yes, Masterplan, this German “super group” with members from Helloween, Gamma Ray and Iron Savior actually manage to make a sell-out of their first release. These big names have been given a big budget and AFM Records promotion – two elements which combined mostly leads to overproduced power metal. Enlighten Me is no different. Jorn’s vocals are powerful, if sometimes a little forced, and he has a great range. He sings most of the time with real passion – but occasionally he wails.

Guitars and keyboards are done flawlessly but without originality. Any new riffs? No. What about the keyboard intro to Kind Hearted Light? Well, it’s good I give you that but original? Ha! Complexity seems like another unknown abstraction for these guys. Listen to the title song and you’ll know how the chorus go before you’ve heard it. The songs are all catchy as hell; they are instant melodies. But memorable? Well, the only song which qualifies is Black Dog, originally performed by Led Zeppelin, which have been a little spiced up. Sadly, Jorn doesn’t put any effort into it. The vocals are pretty crappy.

All in all this isn’t bad. This isn’t bad music. I’m sure a lot of people will like it. On the other hand this isn’t good. You’d expect a lot more from these guys. Some integrity would be a nice start. Now we do just have one of the most commercial albums I’ve ever heard. It’s not strange that Masterplan became the most successful debut band in 2003.