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Master does it again - 70%

MrVJ, September 18th, 2007

"I've been on a large old-school death metal kick lately, and I've always been a fan of the Chicago band called Master, but I was incredibly stoked when their newest album “Slaves To Society” came out. Paul Speckmann (ex-Speckmann, ex-Walpurgisnacht, ex-Death Strike) has said that Master has always been a “life” band, not always motivated by politics and death, and while it may seem that way, Master is indeed a “life” band in its fullest. The listener is constantly challenged to think for themselves, to stand up and fight, and just generally not take any flack. “Slaves To Society” continues to follow that trend and does it swimmingly, making you listen to the bands message while headbanging along the way.

It always appeared to me that Paul also had deep roots in the Czech Republic metal scene, considering that he has been in many bands there and even uses some very talented Czech's, Alex “93” Nejezchleba (Shaark, ex-Mamut) on guitar and Zdenek Pradlovsky (Shaark) on drum duty. What you'd expect from Master is all here. The intense and groovy riffs, the nice polka-death metal drumming, the harsh yet distinguishable vocals and the general atmosphere of hatred and oppression. Paul still loves to rhyme his lyrics as much as a rapper, but dear god does he create some catchy moments with the rest of the music.

The only thing that bothers me about this album is that there isn't really that much to say about it. It's classic Master and that's about it, but it sure does make me think about how the rest of the world just buckles under pressure from their respective societies to conform, and if that was Master's original intent, then they've greatly succeeded at this point. I will say though that the songs “The Final Skull”, “Slaves To Society” and “Anarchy Nearly Lost” are my favorite songs on the album. Each one of those songs are filled with delicious and meaty riffs that only Master is known for and I hope it continues that way.

Bottom line is that this album isn't exceptional nor is it just “okay”, but with it being Master it's definitely worth picking up, even for just those three songs mentioned above. Paul knows exactly what he wants to do with the band, and that's something to admire, but sometimes I just wish that he'd change it up once in a while. Nevertheless, “Slaves To Society” is an entertaining yet predictable listen."

Originally written for Metal