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Old School Death Metal at its best!!! - 89%

Deranged, June 28th, 2007

One of the first bands in death metal is back. It’s really a shame how little people know of this band, because they are really a pioneering band of the genre. Every offering of Master is great, but this one really takes me back to the first time I heard On the Seventh Day, God Created….Master.

The extremely heavy riffs are what I noticed right away. This guy may not be as good as Paul Masvidal, but he sure can write same damn heavy riffs. The solo on The Final Skull is just spectacular. I’ll have to see him live to determine how good he really is, but from listening to this, I’d say he’s a really talented guitarist.

Paul Speckmann’s vocals are amazing as usual, however it is sounding like he is starting to lose his voice. The vocals are still pretty deep and guttural, but not as much as on their earlier albums. However they are only slightly different.

The drumming on this album is phenomenal. Some amazing sounding blast beats. The intro to The Darkest Ages, is just drumming, and it is like a drum solo, and a good one at that. But what really turned me on to this album is the atmosphere that it puts off. The production is done so well. It’s like I’m listening to an album that came out in ’89. As I said before, fans of the first couple Master albums should really check this out. I’ve been listening to it for a couple months now and I am still not tiring of it. Any fan of death metal should love this album!!

Stand-out tracks: The Final Skull, The Darkest Age, World Police, and The Last Chapter