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Nothing Life Changing, But Exactly What We Want - 88%

RaidenVader, April 14th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, F.D.A. Records

Master, a.k.a. the Motorhead of death metal, gave us another viscous death metal offering in 2016. They have mastered (sorry...) what it means to produce high octane, ear drum bursting, unrelenting death metal. With a discography one can't count on two hands, they have rarely skipped a beat in producing the fast paced brutality we all so love and enjoy, and Epiphany of Hate is no exception.

This is not the kind of album you can listen to listen to while reading a nice book and drinking some warm tea. Between the pounding drums, merciless riffing, and, of course, Speckmann's wonderfully hideous vocals, Epiphany of Hate does nothing short of furiously, sodomizing your mind. Start to finish, this album consistently splits your spine and breaks your neck with the mightiness of Master's perfect idea of what old school death metal means. To elaborate: "Epiphany of Hate" will, figuratively and literally, rip your face off, sew it back on, and rip it off again. The ten tracks on the album almost blur together in the speed that they are thrown at the listener, and after a near 45 minute state of pure blasphemous bliss, I found it hard to snap back to the calmness of reality.

Like many of Master's previous releases, there are no track that come to mind as standing out from the rest, and in the same sense there are no tracks that fall behind. Speckmann knows his audience well, and no Master fan is expecting progression or senseless technicality. "Epiphany of Hate" delivers the reliable Master death/thrash sound that we all expected, and this is exactly why Master remains such a loved group to this day. In this sense, there are certainly no surprises within this album, but that is no reason to skip it over. The album serves as a perfect soundtrack for any workout, day stuck at the office fantasizing about murdering your boss, or even anti-religious arson adventures.