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"Good" Black Metal - 68%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Massemord again deliver an austere, wholly evil album that at times compares to the output of Wind Of The Black Mountains and during others, this recording is very similar to the better efforts of Emancer.

Blasting through unholy emanations such as "Breeding Hate" and "Warriors Of Darkness", Massemord prove that they can certainly deliver quality black metal tracks that reflect the spirit of the genre, however at times, the drum machine grows a bit tiring. The experimentation evident on songs such as "My Soul Belongs To The Night" is highly commendable, with the band striving to create as dark an atmosphere as possible while maintaining a 'true' black metal sound.

There's a plethora of great riffs to be found throughout the record and effects like samples and backward masking further the duo's evil intent quite well. Listeners would do well to keep in mind that this is severely underground material, which is not to make excuses for the band, but to notate that this is as raw and real a black metal album as one might come across. Solid packaging and a full set of lyrics adds further value to the record as well, but that drum programming really needs to go.

Overall, this a good black metal release which diehard cult followers will certainly enjoy.