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PoBDZ3: Agreed with prev. reviewer - their best - 80%

vrag_moj, July 4th, 2009

This recording has approximately 20 years of vintage on it. One might remember the band's one contribution to late 80's Ameriacan Death Metal - the album "From Beyond" well this is a demo for their second, unreleased album that was apparently rejected by their label Earache. This disk was re-released by Hell's Headbangers and I can see why - with no hope in hell in hearing this again by newer guys unless they get into hardcore tape-trading or P2P action seeing this album's awesomeness relegated to oblivion. OK this 6-song demo, it is too short to be an album but there is a bonus track, in fact "From Beyond" live in 92 revving the playtime up to 38 minutes of unholy spin.

Whilst the band has been commented on as being a paler version of Morbid Angel, this I feel is completely unfair. Massacre hail from the same genre and time-period so there are some points of comparison, but there is so much more to their sound and musicianship, that Morbid Angel never venture into, that allow Massacre attain an atmosphere and sound of their own. On this release, they have a darker sound owing to the slightly muffled subterranean production and the use varying vocal styles - from hardcore grunts to horrifying shrieks. The sort of dynamics the band employs hail from punk and early thrash also, with the closing song "Psychopain Ttrip" being a solid thrust in the direction of Slayer. Moreover there are technical bass lines that sometimes take the lead with quick finger-picked and slap bass that serve up a few surprises to the mind so far bludgeoned by numbing death metal. In places this reminds me of Primus.

This is a really enjoyable release that still sounds dark and extreme all these years past. They may be a footnote now, but I think Massacre more than stood up to their peers, so check this disk out.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #3