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The Second Coming - 90%

dyingseraph84, May 24th, 2010

I agree totally with both reviewers when they say that this is the best thing Massacre has released. It has no ties with From Beyond or Promise (which is a failure of Cold Lake like proportions). It’s a strange listen at first because other than Kam Lee’s distinctive voice, you wouldn’t think this was Massacre. This has much more in line with bands like Pestilence, Atheist, and Insanity.

Rick Rozz pulls out all the stops on this demo. His guitar playing is fierce and grinding, and the absence of solos is a great! Let’s face it Rick Rozz is not a great lead player. Riffs careen back and forth from tremolo picked sections to mid tempo Celtic Frost styled riffs. The drum work is very tight and that’s not Bill Andrews behind the kit either, that’s probably a good thing because Joe Cangelosi is light years better than Mr. Andrews.

The bass is very pronounced and played with great technical skill, check out that little lead section in Devouring Hour for a good representation of Butch Gonzalas’s playing abilities. Kam Lee’s vocals are not the same monotone guttural growls found on From Beyond. Here, they are much more thrash sounding and much more unique.

There are some weak points here though. Some of these transitions don’t work very well and to be honest, hurt the flow of some of the songs with Devouring Hour being the main culprit. I know that this is just a demo but I feel the guitar tone sounds too warm and doesn’t have enough bite to it. For standout tracks though, I would have to go with The Second Coming, and Mangled as the best of this bunch.

It is amazing to me that earache records rejected this material. From Beyond had its moments, but this was a fresh bunch of ideas injected into the Massacre sound. When you really look at it From Beyond was just a collection of songs from their first demos mixed in with some filler. The Second Coming on the other hand, had a lot to impress with. It truly is a shame that not a lot of people know about this, so if you see it and you’re a massacre fan get it!, this truly is their best stuff.