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Massacre > Condemned to the Shadows > Reviews > Occultcannibal
Massacre - Condemned to the Shadows

Guess Who's Back? - 85%

Occultcannibal, August 28th, 2012

Yeah, Massacre. They pulled it off, after being a bunch of badass people up until the release of the 1996 abomination "Promise". But, here we are in the year 2012, and these guys have finally begun to put out new material!

Musically speaking, it's not all that different from what they were doing on "From Beyond" or "Inhuman Conditions", which is really fuickin' awesome because those releases are monsters! The fella's have deceided to come back and put out this two track ep in order to tide the material deprived fans until they can get a full length under way, it certainly does it's job. "Back From Beyond" starts up with an instantly badass and catchy riff that immediately invokes an old-school approach to death metal. The riffs are constant throughout, always finding some other way to kick your ass, Rick Rozz is still in top form, switching from disgusting death/doom riffs to extremely intense chugging riffs that remind one of the early 90's metal scene, and his solos are still fucking amazing, as he shows you later on in the song. The second song on here "Succumb To Rapture" is pretty much the same thing in terms of sheer badassness and riff-based destruction. It's extremely obvious that Massacre are back and ready for fucking anything!

Now, what did somewhat dishearten me was the lack of original vocalist Kam Lee, his vocals are fucking heavy as can be, and he can still pull off the style (As proven with The Grotesquery and Bone Gnawer), but due to constant arguing among the band members, he was not brought back for this EP. Instead we have Edwin Webb performing vocals, those of you that explore the metal underground on a regular basis (Which is hopefully all of you) will know him as the Generichrist vocalist and ex-vocalist/ of the killer death metal band Diabolic. Now, Edwin pulls off the vocal position here just as well as Kam Lee could've and he really does the Massacre legacy justice. His vocals range from some really good low pitches to a more midrange old-school growl with some occasional badass higher pitcher shrieks thrown in for good measure. Like i mentioned earlier, he really does Massacre a justice, then again Massacre does metal a justice by releasing more material "from beyond". Yeah, thats a pun, bask in it.

Also worthy of note are bassist Terry Butler and the new drummer Mike Mazzonetto, they really work well together as the rhythmic section of things. Mike is a pretty badass drummer, pulling off some pretty wild double bass, some gnarly drum fills and some fairly sophisticated cymbal play (especially on Succumb To Rapture), while Terry Butler has once again proven that he is a true bassmaster (more puns). Terry's got some really unique moments on this EP (that i won't spoil for you listeners that haven't heard the material yet), he's an extremely skilled bassist and is able to play some really awesome bass licks throughout, these little moments play with the guitar riff at the time and then just become WILD for a split second before returning to lurching around in the background.

All in all i'd recommend this little EP to anyone who enjoys good death metal, if you're a Massacre fan this won't disappoint you, this is not a sequel to "Promises", thank the dark lord. My only problem here is that two songs are not enough, i've been waiting for new material ever since I first heard "From Beyond" back in 2001. My 11 years of waiting hungers for far more than two tracks!