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Mass Hypnosia > Toxiferous Cyanide > Reviews
Mass Hypnosia - Toxiferous Cyanide

Killing The Listeners With Top Quality Offerings - 90%

felix headbanger, February 7th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Ragnarök Records

Toxiferous Cyanide is the second full-length record from the Filipino death/thrash metal trio, Mass Hypnosia. The album came out last December 2016 under the banner of Germany's Ragnarök Records. Now, if you people had been following my reviews, you might recall that I also reviewed the band's debut album and their 2013 split with another Filipino extreme metal band, Sadistor. Basing on the introductions of my previous reviews of the band's materials, I am pretty sure that you guys already know what to expect with this latest offering.

Mass Hypnosia continues to deliver more superior death/thrash metal tunes with this latest release, as the band had produced yet again another vile and malevolent album that totally slays all the audiences who dare listen to Toxiferous Cyanide. The album opens up with a killer track called 'Heres the Knife' which holds loads of fucking fatal guitar riffages, blistering drum work, and demonic vocal delivery. The last track, which is an instrumental called 'Unbound', is also a perfect denouement to end a top-tier album. Let the music consume you while the trio showcases their skills in handling their respective weapons as they glide their brilliance through 3 minutes and 43 seconds long of an outro.

Right from the starting tune up until the last anthem, the band inflicts total chaos that''ll make the fans bang their heads, do air guitars, and start a fucking circle pit. Most of the songs here were previously included in the bands early demo and split albums, but that doesn't mean that those tracks are dilapidated. Each of the tracks hold fast and chaotic guitar proficiency, top-notch drumming which utterly add some heaviness and speed in the materials at just the right time, and all of them were composed brilliantly.

As for the new tunes like 'Terror Panic', and 'Bullet Face'; you can still easily hear the Possessed, early Kreator, and old Sepultura influence -- added with a high dosage of Hellhammer sound -- of the band which shows that Mass Hypnosia are still true to their roots. The mixing and the production of the record is also perfect, as it elevates all the instruments handled by the band and it imparts a lot of power to the guitars in their distorted tonality. Listeners can really enjoy the essence of the guitar distortions used here, as it destroys anything on its way. Man, that classic late 80s/early 90s raw and hammering sound is thoroughly existing in this offering.

The song structure of the materials are also incredible. They are catchy in their own little way and they were all perfectly composed. The handful of solos which are present in each song are really crucial and shredded. Another thing that I love about the record is the cover art. It's simply straight-out forthright. Just by looking at it, the audiences already know that the trio is going to annihilate them with furious and scorching death/thrash metal music. It's basically telling us that we occasionally judge a metal record by it's album cover.

Entirely, Toxiferous Cyanide is a pretty solid slab of a sophomore full-length. This only solidifies the band's already superb status in the extreme metal scene. I highly recommend this record to all those who love both death and thrash metal. I feel so lucky that I already bought me a copy of this gem. To those who haven't yet, I suggest you go order your copy now.