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Mass Hypnosia > They War, We Conquer > Reviews
Mass Hypnosia - They War, We Conquer

Hostile & Grim Demo, Stronger Than The First Two - 88%

felix headbanger, March 28th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Cassette, RTR (Limited edition)

After the release of their demo "Vicious" just March of the year 2017, the Philippines' Mass Hypnosia had never rest in crafting killer death/thrash metal materials as the band continued to amaze me with their dedication to writing and developing vindictive and harsh songs by putting out yet another sadistic and fiendish demo in the form of "They War, We Conquer" this 2018. This latest offering from Mass Hypnosia holds three new combative and warmongering tunes -- namely 'They War, We Conquer', 'Fractured Rites', and 'Lacerate' -- that are for sure going to be part of the band's third full-length album.

"They War, We Conquer" demo showcases how the trio is capable of elevating their skills and talents to a more illustrious degree. I know that with last year's "Vicious" the band had already shown how they can raise their level to new heights, and with this new demo, they made it more clear that they are going to stir and haul it more up. Each of the members had stepped up their playing in this demo, starting with Karl Rosales as he bestows upon us his signature relentless fatal and terrific fast sequenced guitar riffing with a more deadly and lethal assault.

The leads and the few solos that Karl had brought forth in here are a mixture of pure aggression and pugnaciousness which well-defined the true nature of raw thrash metal. He most certainly had displayed his mastery of providing awesome guitar fills and interesting rhythms in here; and, of course, he had put to show his ability in throwing in guitar solos that add a heavier dosage of brutality and darkness to their songs. His hate-filled vocals had also become more savage and fierce than the usual. It follows that untamed character as of what he did with his conveyance in "Vicious".

James Esguerra does not hold down his wrath behind the drum kit here too. In this release, the man had provided a gunfire of hard striking and battering extreme metal blast beats that'll certainly pummel the listeners' ears senselessly. James shows a more great amount of talent with his performance in this demo as he explodes into fury by executing such staggering blasting tempos with an utter precision. Emman Tadena also did not shy in dispensing his viscerally heavy bass lines in the record. And I also dig how his bass is audible even if this offering is just a demo release. The bass area has that fuzzy, but intense, sound to it that highlights the brutal sections of each of the song.

Bearing in mind that "They War, We Conquer" is just a demo release, the production is amplified by a full-throttle of dirty and distorted primitive thrash metal coating. I have no problem with that, of course, as I am one of those who enjoys such raw and vehement mixing. I had mentioned that a couple of times before in my previous reviews, and my taste really hasn't changed a lot though I enjoy a few semi-polished and professional sounding records in the extreme music genre.

In conclusion, "They War, We Conquer" is an exceptional demo that displays a more aggressive and relentless quality than the grizzled 2011 "Blood Spotted Bullet Face" demo and the recent 2017 demo "Vicious". With demos such as last year's "Vicious" and this year's "They War, We Conquer", it looks to me like that third Mass Hypnosia full-length record is coming really sooner than most of us had expected.