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Mass Hypnosia - Death Decay

Pure Destructive Vicious Entity! - 89%

felix headbanger, October 18th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Independent

Have you fellas heard the new Mass Hypnosia EP "Death Decay"? Well if you haven't heard it yet, then you better get a copy by contacting Karl Rosales. The EP contains a re-recorded and new versions of a couple of tracks from their "Unbound" promo CD-R and "Vicious" demo, with a third new track which will possibly be included in the upcoming full-length. Now, it's really a pity that the record only contains three songs because the tunes in this EP are by far the thrashiest tracks that I've heard put out by Mass Hypnosia.

Released under the band's very own Resonating Terror Productions, this EP marks an evolution to the music of Mass Hypnosia. What I love about it is that the tracks have grown, evolved and it matured to a whole new level, yet that way of how the band is paying homage to their roots is still in present. The viciousness and aggressiveness in their music are fully intact while they have thrown in that more complex style of playing. The fact that Mass Hypnosia had added some new aspects in their music, outside of the all-out fast and furious earlier approach, every element has still worked really well in balance.

For loyal fans of the band, the old death/thrash nature of their music is still present here, but with more thrash metal oriented riffage in place in the guitar department. Each of the material here is loaded with a catchy and never-a-dull-moment riff. Also, noticeable is the bass parts that are injected with some more elaborated bass lines and they are pretty audible as what we usually get when we grab thrash metal records.

The drum territory is a natural continuation of the routine Mass Hypnosia hammering, thrown in with a more par for the course proto-thrash drumming and it it was done very well. Yes, there might be nothing too special about that, but the drum execution matches the band's music perfectly. In the vocal area, the listeners can truly feel that impulsiveness nature of the shrieks and that pissed off delivery. And the more you tune up the volume higher, the more it'll give you goosebumps as the vocals have that kind of ability in which it sends shivers down your spine and gets inside your skin. They go in nice with the music.

As for the production of the EP, it has evolved to a more semi-professional sounding than that of the previous Mass Hypnosia releases, where this time you can feel the thicker and heavier production that serves their music well, but there is still that rawness in existence which serves as the cherry on the top. After listening to "Death Decay", it got me more excited to hear the forthcoming third studio full-length of Mass Hypnosia.

Obviously, I like what the band has done with this new record a hell of a lot. I've even come to realize that I do prefer the sound on this latest offering for being more upfront and in-your-face than their prior works. If you fellas have not heard of "Death Decay" and are a fan of the band and some good ol' vicious and aggressive metal music, or just a fan of thrash for that matter, I highly recommend you pick this EP up. You will not fucking regret it!