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Death Reigns Supreme - 81%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

In issuing a suitably battering assault that recalls the intensity of the band’s earlier material, Masacre forcefully bludgeon their instruments here on “Total Death”, creating a sonic maelstrom of caustic death metal brutalization. Guttural growls embellish scientific riffery and relentless dual- bass pounding as Masacre launch a crippling sonic force.

Musically, the group draws from a burly Morbid Angel influence in order to fashion tracks such as the drudging opener “Slaves of Death”. This dominant cut opens with the galloping hooves of the Grim Reaper’s black mount and launches into a barrage of crushing din. In the structures of this band’s determinedly uncompromising material, you will uncover leviathan passages that are intermingled with highly melodic leads, foreboding, dominant string bends and purely wicked-sounding pinch harmonics.

Vocally, you’ll discover deep bellows which counterpart the sheer forcefulness of “Battlefields” entirely, the band hammer away at a decidedly bone-splintering rhythm catered toward maximum sensory injury. On the blasting “Soldiers Of The Unknown”, harsh, screeching vocals are thrown into the mix in order to break things up a bit, but in contrast to the guttural issuances, the higher pitched vocalizations are kept to a minimum, serving to act as an enhancement only.

This approach is more than effective, supplying a distinct continuity throughout the record, without allowing the songs to become same-sounding and tedious. Erik Rutan’s skilled ear toward death metal is put to good use here, as he provides a strong production effort that captures the intensity and brute force inherent in the band’s performance skillfully.

When taken as a whole, “Total Death” is quite the strenuous adventure, certain to satisfy passionate devotees of death metal.

These guys know what they are doing! - 92%

Mormir, June 24th, 2004

Masacre is maybe the most important colombian metal band. They have been releasing cool stuff since the late 80's, and they haven't stopped.

Total Death is a pretty good job. It was mastered and mixed by Erik Rutan (which i think is a "total honor" for Masacre). The sound is excellent, and i think that this is the bands most brilliant album (and it is in my top 5 of colombia´s metal).

THe song slaves of death starts with some noises by a horse and the screeching of swords. Then, after few seconds, masacre comes and thrashes everything on its path. Alex Okendo is a very special vocalist. He has a particular voice, hard to find out there. Its ultra-rotten. The solo has one of the most infamous riffs of all time.

Battlefields starts with a guy saying "My own sadness". Later, Masacre´s classical masaccre, hehe.

Soldiers of the unknown is maybe the best track in the whole album and one of the most brutal shit written by Masacre (check out "País en sangre" of the Muerte verdadera muerte record). Very infamous riff too, clever solo, but even more, sickiest vocals on earth.

Death metal forever has a great catchy chorus. This song features a message that really touches me; authentic passion for death metal. Fuck you all who forbid death metal.

Oh my god! has some terrifying lyrics (you´ll understand me if you get to know the things that happen in thirld world countries, Colombia among them).
Masacre wirtes lyrics about the social reality of this country, and the type of slaughter that is described here, is sadly very common in the colombian nation.

Victims, relentless, mercyless, unending hate. Pretty violent shit.

Some words that describe what this album is about: