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Masacre's rise to godliness - 98%

Tezcat, September 8th, 2009

This is it! This is the recording that got Masacre a record deal with the french label Osmose Productions. Masacre was a cult band already and, by the time this recording was made, their two demos were known world-wide. Extreme Metal fans from Japan, Russia, Norway, Israel and many other countries were mad about Masacre's unique sound. Heirs of the so-called 'Metal-Medallo' sound, Masacre embodied many of the metal spirit and soul which made bands such as Sarcofago famous in the underground. And since this was their first professional recording, it was expected that they made their best effort and, well, here it is.

The opening track, 'Sangrienta Muerte', is a great starter. Originally included in their '89 demo, the track reaches a level of violence and aggression that had never been accomplished in Colombian Metal until then. Raw, old-school South-American metal in its purest form. The two other tracks were the new musical offer of the band and none of their fans were disappointed. 'Mórbida Implosión' starts with a slow tempo, and the hypnotic, pulsating bass and drum beats speed up quite abruptly. The grunts and screams of Alex 'Trapeator' alternate in a mad squnce, framed by the intense guitar work of Antonio Guerrro and Juan Carlos Gómez and united by the pounding drum work, courtesy of the late 'Bull Meetal' Montoya. The final track, 'Decadencia' has a certain grind/death metal style, very common back in those days.

The strong point of this recording is their professional sound. Raw, dirty death metal blasting through your ears. Produced by Nash guitarrist Victor Garcia, who helped the band to achieve what became the refernce of their work, is just too bad that this EP lasts less than 14 minutes. By the way, even though this EP is hard to find in its original vinyl format, it was included in the Split CD with american black metal act Profanatica, with two additional live tracks. Also, the three studio tracks were included as bonus for the 2004 reissue of the 'Requiem' album.

To sum it up, this is a must for anyone who wants to know how south-american death metal sounds like. If only the 'Requiem' album sounded like this one did...