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Grim, Cold, Atmospheric Black Metal - 97%

Deathless_Eternal, July 3rd, 2006

This 'Soul Wandering' demo is very cold, dark, atmospheric black metal.This is the one man band of Nocturn, who also plays guitars, vocals, and bass in Profundis Tenebrarum. This 27 minute demo has influences frrom Burzum, Gorgoroth, Xasthur, and Dark Throne. I give this demo 97 out of 100 points. Vocals sound like those of Xasthur and Gorgoroth. His voice is very good, and goes very well with the grim guitar and drum sounds. Each song has a lot of ambient, which throws the listener into a state of darkness and depression. The drumming is very simple(cymbal, cymbal, drum hit) yet very effective. I feel that this kind of drumming is essential to acheive this grim sound. This is very good depressive metal with feeling, and i see Martyrum Omnium being sucessful in any future demos or full lengths that will be released. He will not disappoint, if you like cold, grim metal. The production is good, surprisingly enough. Yet, it does not take away the effect on the listener. The guitars dominate this demo, and the vocals stand out while being compared with the guitars. This is melodic, yet grim at the same time. This demo is very well put together, and the guitarwork, vocals, and drumwork go very well together. The guitar is the sole part of the song for melody. If you want good, cold, grim primitive black metal, give this a shot. I know that you won't regret it. Soul Wandering is a great demo. The title track, is one of the best on this demo. Hybris is entirely composed of dark sounds, and towards the end you can hear faraway calls of the damned from Hell. Listen to this one in the dark. Hail Satan!