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This album rules - 99%

EvilHasNoBoundaries, June 25th, 2003

This album is brilliant. I have no idea why these guys are so obscure, but this album is about up there with albums like Samael "Worship Him", Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon" and Mortuary Drape "Into the Drape". The songs on this album are rather complex but not in a lame wankery type way; rather they have swirling, chaotic feel about them. There's a lot of parts where the drums or the guitar will just be playing and then everyone else will join in. The style sounds like it was derived from a combination of Sodom "Obssessed by Cruelty", Tormentor "Seventh Day of Doom", and the first Black Sabbath album, but even then there are parts where it's hard to make out where they came up with their sound. There isn't anything epic or folky about this album; just pure occult darkness. The song titles and the lyrics that I can actually make out seem to be mostly derived from Aleister Crowley and these guys sound like they know what they're talking about. The metal songs themselves have almost no keyboards or anything, but there are keyboard interludes in between the songs that make the whole thing feel like a coherent album rather than just a collection of songs. The production is demo type production and it works especially well for this album. The guitars are really reverbed out, but the drums are really dry and you can hear the bass drums really well. What's really interesting is that the vocals have digital delay on them, but the delays are actually timed according to the drum beats. If you're familiar with Secrets of the Moon, this is the same vocalist from that band. The only thing that some people might be bothered by is that the drumming is pretty sloppy on this album, but for some reason, it actually adds to the atmosphere of the album. It's too bad these guys broke up right after this album was made. Overall, if you're looking for a great old-school black metal album that hasn't been spoiled by a bunch of trendy people calling it "kvlt" and idiotic things like that (some people will know exactly what I'm talking about), give this one a listen.