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Still Awesome - 80%

invaded, July 4th, 2007

If this album were done by any other other band i would have given it a grade in the high 90s for sure. However, with bands like Martyr, you have to judge on a different scale.

If you're into technical death and thrash, this record will rip your face off. if you're into jazz fusion elements as well, this record will make you explore musical landscapes you may not understand. However, this is not the Martyr I learned to love.

With Hopeless Hopes as well as with Warpzone, Daniel Mongrain and the boys managed to keep things super tech, however with flashes of catchiness and relative groove, with this record, they just seemed to really "go for it" if you will.

This being said, this still destroys most of what you will hear this year. The guitar playing is absolutely off the wall, and Patrice Hamelin delivers an extremely solid rythmic foundation on the drumkit, however I would say that the area in which Martyr have improved the most is in the vocal department. Mongrain has more power and his voice is that much clearer on this recording than on past endeavours.

The songwriting as usual is top notch with tracks such as "Perpetual Healing" and "Feast of Vermin" delivering polirythms and counterpuntal tension galore which makes your head a good way.

They went all out and it shows, but I hope they go back to a sound more akin to their previous material next time. For now, it,s worth the five year wait.