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The ultimate instrumental album - 100%

overkill67, October 16th, 2004

Perfection is a word that is rarely utilized when refering to an album in its entirety. With Dragon's Kiss, there is simply no alternative to describe this amazing and masterfull work of art. Marty Friedman's debut solo effort is probably the best instrumental "METAL" album of all time. Every song is intricately woven together piece by piece with incredible structures and amazing guitar solos. The greatest thing about this album is that its so far ahead of its time, and although it was released in 1988, it still sounds alot fresher than what Yngwie and Vai have been doing in recent years.
Another highlight is the untouchable drumming by the ever-so humble Deen Castronovo. Deen's probably one of the hardest working studio musicians in the industry in terms of drummers. One must at least respect Deen's desicion to go from playing in Bad English, to straight forward speed and thrash metal music.
As always, being a Sharpel label recording, this album was produced by Mike Varney, who I believe brought the best out of Marty's expertise. Even later during Marty's time with Megadeth, the intensity of his talent was never as prevalent as on the Shrapel recordings. Especially this album and the two Cacophony releases.
Any one who is dazzled by technical guitar work will appreciate this album from beginning to end.
Highlights on this album; All 8 of them!