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Got Some Shred? - 90%

Human666, October 7th, 2011

This album is the perpetuation of one of the best metal guitarists ever in his highest peak. Soon after Friedman joined forces with guitar legend Jason Becker in the guitar driven band 'Cacophony', he launched his solo career with this astonishing debut album called 'Dragon's Kiss'. There is something more than the usual neoclassical sequences in this album that is pretty uncommon with most of the 80's shredding albums. Friedman doesn't hesitate to experiment with different music styles in the same album, which resulting in a very unique and varied instrumental exhibition.

'Saturation Point' contain many neoclassical themes and has a strong sense of the Cacophony's albums due to the harmonized couple of lead guitars. 'Dragon Mistress' has a dominant vibe of Egyptian scales and an exotic mood with some highly technical sweeping solos, pretty catchy track that became one of Friedman's most well known hits. The seventh track, 'Forbidden City', is the most progressive of this album. Eight minutes lengthy composition with beautifully melodic clean guitars interlude that leading the song to an extravaganza of high soaring guitars and fast thrashy riffs. 'Thunder March' is one of my favorites here. This one has a lesser emphasis on technique and contain some pretty melodic themes that sound like epic battle hymns. This is indeed a wonderful march and great closing to this album.

Following this album, Marty Friedman joined Megadeth and collaborated in some highly regarded metal classics that helped to define the genre. This is in my opinion, his best solo effort and a must have for any shredding fan. I feel no need to stretch with words how wonderful this album is, just go listen to it in yourself. 'Dragon's Kiss' combine different musical styles with highly technical metal in a progressive oriented song structures that will force you to hit the replay button as much as you can.