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Short, yet Good - 91%

analog_winter, September 28th, 2011

This release is quite difficult to review for a metal encyclopedia, due to the fact that it’s not a metal release. It is a short, collaborative noise release from black metal duo Marsh and noise group Venowl. This tape lasts less than 7 minutes, but in those 7 minutes, it presents the listener with a harsh, suffocating wall of noise. One thing before I delve too deep into this review, I am by no means an expert on harsh noise, but I do think that this release is excellent.

The sound on this tape is very dense and layered, giving the two songs a crushing and massive feel to them. That is the key to this tape. The sounds come together to create a massive wall of noise that envelops the listener. There is an atmosphere that you lose yourself in when you listen to this. It is quite impressive, that these two artists were able to create something this special with such a minimal release.

I highly, highly recommend picking up a copy of this tape if you can. As someone new to harsh noise, I thoroughly enjoyed this release, and was surprised at how much could be done with only 2 short noise tracks.