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Good Funeral - 80%

Hames_Jetfield, February 21st, 2021

The latest album by Marduk with Legion in the line-up brings a break to the routine in the Swedish discography. This is one of their more sensible and at the same time - for some reason - one of their more overlooked albums that Morgan et al. released in the new millennium! As for the latter, I do not intend to bore you, after all, discs of very good quality and many are forgotten - and Marduk itself could never complain about the lack of interest after all. However, I will focus on why "World Funeral" is worth listening to and why this album tops most of the albums recorded with Mortuus in later years.

First of all, "World Funeral" resembles how the band wanted to sound on "La Grande Danse Macabre" in relation to "Panzer Division Marduk", that is: more differentiation, with a slightly different feeling and without constant blasting. On "La Grande..." it turned out quite numb and without panache, but here...completely different! Well, while I was listening to the eighth disc by Marduk it's hard not to resist the impression that everything...the best of "La Grande..." and "Panzer..." landed on it! And in this positive sense, without the (auto)copying, but with passing older patents through the filter of "new" songs! It also crosses out any hope for "otherness", but in the case of Marduk it was probably not very important at the time. The most important thing was to get back to the decency.

And this one can be found here in both faster songs like "Night Of The Long Knives", title track, "Cloven Hoof" or "Blessed Unholy", but also in slower ones such as "To The Death's Head True", "Hearse", "Castrum Dolors" or "Bleached Bones". So, as I mentioned earlier, in those respects where "La Grande..." tried to fit and even more precisely delving into it, it follows the principle "something nice for everyone". On "World..." fortunately, this "everyone" will not fall off from the multitude of melodies, boring patterns or forced brutality. With all this, it's absolutely fine here and far from predictable! It seems that the Swedes knew this time where to properly apply, slow down or throw down something with the "war" climate.

So while the earlier "underestimation" was fully understandable, in the case of "World Funeral" it does not seem to have any more sensible basis. The Swedes from Marduk collected their patents here wisely and at the same time they did not make the same album as before - stretched out and without interesting ideas. The quartet on "World Funeral" managed to do it even better than everyone might have imagined. It's a pity that not for long.

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