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Nightly anthems - 74%

Felix 1666, August 23rd, 2015

Morgan, I beg your pardon, but it is time for a protest. It may be an exaggeration to say that the world waits since more than 20 years for the continuation of "Echoes from the Past". But I regret that Marduk never wrote a similar piece up to now. Its emotional yet sinister aura contrasts with the rawness of the further tunes drastically. I needed time to get used to this exceptionally tranquil piece. However, it was a courageous decision to put "Echoes from the Past" on this album. You will hardly find a similar track on other black metal albums of this time, at least as long as we are talking about grim and genuine black metal. And in view of "Those of the Unlight", this is exactly the case.

The main function of its opener "Darkness Breeds Immortality" is seemingly to leave no doubt that Marduk have become a black metal band. The death metal influences of the debut are erased. Apart from the demonstration of their modified style, the opener marks a stable start, no more, no less. It lacks a bit of intensity, but the following pieces leave no room for further complaints. The band exploits its full potential for the first time and the grim production does its job.

Although Marduk present a fairly huge amount of breaks, the songs do not suffer from inconsistency. Almost relaxed parts like, for example, the verses of "Wolves" stand in sharp contrast with angry outbursts and the latter naturally characterise the full-length. Marduk have discovered the charm of a mix that combines grimness and morbidity as well as vehemence and melodies. Indeed, the band is not afraid to offer a remarkable number of melodic parts without causing a significant loss of its sonic violence. This could not be taken for granted, because the guys were still newcomers. However, the mixture works brilliantly, at least during the majority of the tracks. The sinister "Burn My Coffin" and the vehement "A Sculpture of the Night" have to be mentioned in this context. Although the latter thrives on its high speed approach, there are a few number of breaks so that this composition does not lack of dynamism. In order to complete the picture, the nightly atmosphere of the tracks matches with the menacing cover artwork.

Overall, this meant that "Those of the Unlight" appeared as an album which was based on an entirely harmonious concept. This demonstrated the professionalism of the band. In view of the newcomer status of the group, the high level of diligence was no matter of course. It rather indicated the talent of Morgan and his comrades and the following albums showed impressively that the band really had a lot to offer. They just forgot to write "Echoes from the Past Part II".