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The Art of Making Rare Live EP's - 85%

MaDTransilvanian, May 31st, 2008

It took me a long time to finally find this elusive Marduk 7" EP and I must say that I was glad when I did. It contains two live tracks from their amazing fifth album, Nightwing, which is probably Marduk’s peak. The songs’ quality is thus beyond doubt, although while looking for this EP I wondered if the live quality wouldn’t be inferior to the studio versions.

It’s safe to say that my fears were unfounded as the EP’s sound is excellent. The songs are played by Marduk with their usual flawless live execution. The production is also excellent, sounding almost more powerful than the album versions of the two songs. Both "Slay the Nazarene" and "Of Hell’s Fire" are two anti-Christian themed tracks from Nightwing, as opposed to being tracks from the album’s second half which features lyrics about the Romanian 15th-century prince Vlad the Impaler. Musically the live set is handled by the classic Marduk line-up of Legion on vocals, Morgan on guitars, B.War on bass and Emil Dragutinovic on drums. Both songs are typical Marduk fast-paced black metal laden with killer riffs and blast beats from start to finish, although they’re more varied than songs from some other albums, especially Panzer Division Marduk.

This EP is definitely worth getting for the musical quality involved, but it’s pretty tough to get a hold of as it’s limited to 1500 and sold out a while ago, although some obscure distribution labels may still have it. These two songs are simply live tracks taken from an album so I can’t call this essential, as it’s pretty useless from a logical standpoint, much like Gorgoroth’s The Last Tormentor EP is. It is, however, a collector’s dream come true, much like the aforementioned Gorgoroth EP and its well worth getting if you can find it.