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Liturgy for Satan - 87%

csehszlovakze, June 4th, 2012

The sound of Marduk began to envolve since Mortuus joined the band in 2004. This album is no exception of this, you can notice some similarities with Wormwood.

The production is great, clean but not sterile (something that tends to plague modern metal albums), Devo did a good job with mixing, it changes as the songs demand it. Drums can be properly heard, the guitars sound as they usually do, the bass guitar has a supporting role but you can hear it.

Mortuus delivers as he usually does, no real surprises in his vocal work. You won't be disappointed.

The album starts with the title track which has an amazing riff during the chorus, outstanding indeed. Fans of the Iron Dawn EP (and Panzer Division Marduk obviously) will like the majority of the tracks, the album is really fast apart from some sections. Into Second Death reminds me of some traditional rock/metal songs, it's catchy as hell. Temple of Decay is the slowest track and it has a strong religious feeling to it. As you go on with the album, you suddenly realise why M.A.M.M.O.N. was the first track released. It's the best song of the album and gets stronger among the other tracks, as put in context. World of Blades is another slower song, with the bass having more role than in the previous tracks. The ending of this song (and the album if you don't count/have the bonus track) is just magnificent. The bonus track (Coram Satanæ) could fit any of the post-imprisonment Burzum releases, the songwriting is similar.

According to a recent interview with Morgan (on Metal Storm), everyone of the lineup took part in the songwriting process. This made the album more distinctive, more atmospheric at some parts, some people compared it to the works of Deathspell Omega.

This might not be the best album of the year but it surely is a candidate. Go get it. Now.

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