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A Fresh Start and Brutal Continuing. - 100%

Wolfkult, December 5th, 2004

Seeing everyone bash this album, I had to come on and write a positive review for the new Marduk cd, who which remain one of the best black metal acts around today. Whats differant about this new Marduk release is that its a very fresh change for Marduk who in my opinion needed a lineup change badly. World Funeral was a decent effort, but wasnt up to par like past releases. Some of the songs were to me, way too light and not as heavy as Nightwing, Panzer, or even the underated La Grande Dance material. This album takes a step back into what Marduk have always been known for, but also stays fresh and innovative. Im sure you all know that now in the vocal ranks is the legendary Arioch (Mortuus), which is a way better singer, who is also an excellent performer from his past projects (Triumphator, Funeral Mist). He also adds his flavour of style which greatly enhances Marduk's overall appearance. Morgan now has fresh blood in the band to fuel the creativity. Some of Marduk's best songs are on this album, my personal favorite being Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets, where Mortuus' vocals are some of the best his done since Funeral Mist's Salvation, and Morgan's pounding guitar riffing is some of his best. New, but settling in drummer, Emil also shows the world his drumming fits in with Marduk's new sound. But one thing I have to mention is that Marduk finally moved to a new studio to record the new album. Which deserves praise, as Im tired of other bands using the same studio over and over again. Abyss is an excellent studio, but ive noticed alot of bands that record there, turn out sounding all the same.

All in all Marduk's Plague Angel is one of 2004's best releases and cannot be missed if your a die-hard marduk fan. Watch for them on tour! Lets hope they can finally get into the US.