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Ugh... - 55%

stickyshooZ, August 4th, 2004

Initially, I kind of enjoyed indulging myself in this...but now that I look at it more closely, this is sub-par music. I've never been a fan of grindcore, and this is what this resembles more than anything - old Napalm Death. Blast beats, blast beats, blast beats! Overly loud drumming with the aforementioned is all that goes on in the realm of drumming! This isn't chaotic, it's just irritating.

Aside from the monotonous vocal performance and arrangement, the singer isn't too bad. He sounds as if he wants to be Nocturno Culto or Dead, but he lacks the sheer personality and passion of the previously mentioned vocalists. Not bad growls by any means; what really kills his deliverance is the monotony and a seemingly lost passion for music. One thing is for sure, Marduk do not seem to bore themselves with their repetition in the guitar department. The overuse of simple power chords played in a speedy manner obviously doesn't aim to impress.

There are some good tremolo melodies here and there (the beginning of "Christraping Black Metal" is rather ardent), but once the blast beats start right after, everything just falls into a sloppy mess. Since the polished production is dominated by blast beats, it covers up the eroding and simple guitar riffs a bit; a stupid manner in which they try to retain their credibility as good musicians, but they should have thought of that before they got into the studio. What they need more of is tremolo melody and less fatuous power chords played fast. At this point Marduk should take a lesson from Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" album and learn how their style of black metal should be played and how it should sound. Download before you consider purchasing this, unless you're really into "the scene."