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Attack! Attack! Attack! - 85%

kobaruto, December 11th, 2004

Right from the getgo you know Marduk aren't fucking around on this album, playing an audio clip of some guy shooting "FIRE!" Or something to that extent. Then after the audio clip is done they immediately start ripping it with fast guitar riffs and blast beats. The blast beats never go away, and the guitar riffs only slow down a little throughout the album. While to some this may be too repetitious and formulaic, I'm suited just fine. Especially considering this album is only about half an hour long, so the repetition doesn't have enough time to bother you. There are only a few guitar solos, the best of which is on "Christraping Black Metal", my personal favorite track.

The vocals on this album are just slightly above mediocrity, mantaining their raspy, almost gurgling-scare-the-shit-out-of-your-parents quality. The bass is pretty descent, hardly ever overpowering the guitar. The guitars are clear and harsh. The drums are pretty good, a little variety could have been used (AKA something other than blast beats), but it's not irritating.

To put the album in summary: Fast and quick hard black metal that's fun to thrash around to.