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Brutal? - 76%

blodbotina, April 17th, 2007

First of all, I'd like to say that it's not that I didn't like this album, I just don't find it brutal at all. The Legion (as a similar black metal band), for example, owns Marduk in speed, harshness, melody and ferocity (as much as it's possible in black metal).
I have seen a lot of people writing good reviews about Marduk and talking about their music as something superb. Listened to their works myself, and I must say I disagree. In my opinion, they are popular for nothing - there are much better black metal bands out there that new BM fans don't know about.

Ok, well... This album lacks some melody, the riffs are quite fast most of the time, but nothing special, really. I noticed some good guitar work in the first track, titled "Panzer Division Marduk", and in the third track - Christraping Black Metal... and that would be it. Others are just... listenable, but hardly enjoyable even for an extreme music fan like me.

The "blast beats" people are talking about here, are nothing but junk. Please don't call this poor drumming blast beating. This isn't brutal, fast, technical or anything else. If you want really harsh drumming just check out some of the bands like The Berzerker and compare it to this. Even Dissection on "Storm of the Light's Bane" have better drum work than this so... the album gets a big minus for this part.

The lyrics are... well honestly I would call them pathetic as well. Easily comparable to Belphegor's and Dark Funeral's stupid wannabe blasphemous lyrics.
"Spilling your blood
Killing your god
The ripped and torn angels will bleed like a flood "
Come on, do we need more of this shit? I mean there are like 5000 bands that have at least 5 songs with this type of lyrics... masters of black metal and you can't to any better than this? How about showing a bit of imagination and creativity?
Everybody knows you ain't gonna kill no God, that you won't rip any angels apart, nor spill the blood of Jesus Christ, who was, by the way, killed almost 2000 years ago. The senseless blasphemy is another minus, black metal CAN exist and be against God and Christianity but still have some sense.

All in all, the music isn't bad... but it isn't brutal as well. Recommended for fans of a bit faster, blasphemous black metal who don't demand something more of music other than a good stuff for headbanging and singing along.