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Brutality Perfection comes in a short package - 100%

TheSkrypter, December 27th, 2011

To keep it short, this 30 minute long black metal album is packed with the most brutally violent attack one might come across anywhere in the world. Thick violent riffs, never ending pounding bass lines, crushing drumming on blastbeats and precision, and sick grasping vocals that give birth to an atmosphere that takes you by the hand through ruined landscapes, smoke-black skies, dive bomber hissing, tank canons blasting, and endless machine gun barrages - it has it all! If it were any longer, this album would surely send every listener to hospital wards with snapped necks, severe bone fractures, and deep raging brain damage.

After more than 10 years, it still is one of the most brutal albums ever with matching quality. No song actually stands out here as every single one of the 8 tracks delivers a straight forward bombardment of over the top aggression where the pace of listening to song after song creates a sort of mesmerizing atmosphere that will completely keep you from even dreaming of pressing the stop button before the last shell on "Fistfucking God's Planet" finishes exploding.

This albums delivers what it promises. While you listen to it, you feel like you are inside that gigantic Panzer amidst a WW2 battlefield. Nothing can prepare you to such brutality! One of the best metal albums ever!